Welcome to the Haywards Heath Lions Bookstall! Usually we'd be greeting you with a handshake in the Orchards once a month with an array of second-hand books - but sadly that's not possible at the moment, so we've moved online.

How it works

  1. Browse the list of second-hand books or search by author or title below, or browse photographs of our boxes of books - all books are £1
  2. Drop us an email at books@hhlionsbooks.co.uk with your selection (including box number), name, and a contact telephone number
  3. We will contact you to arrange a pick up time, or for a donation of £1+ we can deliver your books to addresses in Haywards Heath or the surrounding villages
  4. Payment should be made by bank transfer, but where this is not possible, cash into a collecting tin can be arranged

The books

AuthorTitleBox number
Abrams, RebeccaThree Shoes, One Sock & No Hairbrush13
Adams, JaneBirdG3
Adams, MillyAt Long Last Love22
Addison Allen, SarahGarden Spells17
Adichie, Chimamanda NgoziHalf Of A Yellow SunG7
Ahern, CeceliaPostscript33
Aichner, BernhardWoman of The Dead47
Alexander, TameraBeyond This Moment44
Alexander, TameraFrom A Distance44
Alexander, TameraWithin My Heart44
Alexander, TashaBehind The Shattered GlassG4
Allardyce, SamBig Sam - My Autobiography31
Allbright, EllaThe Last CharmG6
Allende, IsobelForest Of The PygmiesG12
Alliott, CatherineAbout Last NightG6
Alliott, CatherineOne Day In May5
Ambler, EricThe Mask of DemitriosG10
Ambrose, Stephen EBand Of Brothers47
Andrews, LynA Mothers Love27
Andrews, LynFrom Liverpool With Love22
Andrews, LynFrom This Day Forth26
Andrews, LynHeart and HomeG6
Andrews, LynLiverpool Lamplight26
Andrews, LynMy Sister's Child28
Andrews, LynThe Ties That Bind26
Andrews, LynWhere The Mersey Flows25
Andrews, VirginiaFlowers in the Attic1
Andrews, VirginiaMy Sweet Audrina17
Andrews, VirginiaRunaways36
Andrews, VirginiaSeeds of Yesterday6
Archer, JeffreyBe Careful What You Wish For1
Archer, JeffreyNothing Ventured47
Archer, JeffreyOnly Time Will Tell1
Archer, JeffreySons of Fortune34
Archer, JeffreyTo Cut a Long Story Short28
Arenas, ReinaldoBefore Night Falls21
Armitage, AileenThe Seamstress & Winter SerpentG3
Armstrong, SueA Matter of Life and Death11
Arthur, MaxForgotten Voices of the Great War14
Astley, JudyPleasent Vices50
Atkinson, KateEmotionally WeirdG7
Atkinson, KateStarted Early, Took My Dog41
Attenborugh, JohnDestiny of ChoiceG4
Atwood, MargaretCat's Eye19
Austen, JanePride and Prejudice44
Austen, JaneSense and Sensibilty5
Bach, RichardJonathan Livingston's Seagull49
Baddiel, DavidWhatever Love Means15
Badenoch, AndreaDrivenG4
Bagley, DesmondJuggernautG3
Bagley, DesmondNight of ErrorG3
Bagshawe, LouiseVenus Envy4
Baker, AnneWith A Little Luck33
Baldacci, DavidLong Road to MercyG1
Banks, GordonBanksy27
Banks, GordonBanksy31
Bannister, JoNo Birds Sing6
Barclay, LinwoodThe Twenty-Three14
Barnard, RobertA Little Local Murder35
Barnes, JulianThe Sense of an Ending6
Baron, AdamShut Eye6
Barr, DamianYou Will Be Safe Here44
Barratt, SuzyI'm Board!16
Barrie, AlexanderJungle RunG11
Barron, StephaneJane and the Man of the Cloth36
Bassani, GiorgioTHe Garden of the Finzi-Continis44
Bates, H.E.Seven by Five5
Bauer, BerlindaRubber NeckerG10
Bear, GregTake Back The SkyG5
Beason, RichardF in Exams - The Best Test Paper Blunders13
Bellingham, LindaThere's Something I've Been Dying To Tell You20
Benchley, PeterThe Girl of the Sea of Cortez39
Benedict and KeteyianTiger Woods47
Benioff, DavidCity of Thieves42
Benn, TonyFree at Last28
Bennett, AnneA Little Learning23
Bennett, AnneTill the Sun Shines Through36
Bennett, BritThe Vanishing HearthG12
Bennett, MaggieA Child of Her Time28
Berlin, S VThe Favourite45
Bernhard, VirginiaA Durable Fire6
Berry, EllenSnowdrops On Rosemary LaneG6
Berry, EllenThe Little Bakery On Rosemary LaneG6
Billingham, MarkCry Baby49
Billingham, MarkThe Killing HabitG2
Binchy, MaeveDublin 4G12
Binchy, MaeveDublin 446
Binchy, MaeveFull HouseG12
Binchy, MaeveNight of Rain and StarsG2
Binchy, MaeveThe Copper Beech41
Binchy, MaeveThis Year It Will Be Different36
Bingham, CharlotteDistant Music27
Bingham, CharlotteIn Distant Fields41
Bingham, CharlotteMI5 And MeG10
Bingham, CharlotteOut of The Blue33
Bingham, CharlotteThe Blue Note27
Blackburn The Oxford Book Of Days32
Blair, EmmaSweethearts36
Blair, JessicaA Distant HarbourG1
Blair, JessicaStorm BayG1
Blake, FannyAn Italian SummerG6
Blake, LilySnow White And The Huntsman45
Blue, Lionel RabbiBolts From The Blue50
Blyton, EnidFive Give Up The Booze35
Bodoc, LilanaThe Days of the Deer14
Bogarde DirkVoices in The Garden1
Bolton, SharonThe SplitG12
Bond, GwendaLois Lane Fallout20
Bosse, MalcolmCaptives of Time6
Botham, IanDon't Tell Kath - My Autobiography3
Bowen, JamesA Street Cat Named Bob49
Bowling, HarryAs Time Goes By26
Bowling, HarryConner Street's War34
Bowling, HarryThe Wispering Years24
Bowling, HarryWhen The Pedlar Called24
Brackston, PaulaTh Silver WitchG10
Brackston, PaulaThe Winter WitchG10
Bradby, TomSecret ServiceG10
Bradshaw, GillianDown The Long Wind11
Bradshaw, RitaDancing In The Moonlight43
Bradshaw, RitaThe Most Precious Thing28
Bragg, MelvynThe Soldiers Return13
Bragg, MelvynThe Soldiers Return16
Bragg, MelvynThe Soldiers Return21
Brindley, LouiseMoving Away9
Britton, FernA Seaside Affair3
Britton, FernDaughters Of CornwallG6
Britton, FernDaughters of CornwallG12
Britton, FernThe Postcard33
Bronte, EmilyWuthering Heights10
Brook, RhidianThe Aftermath9
Brookner, AnitaSoundings49
Brown, BenitaThe Captain's Daughter12
Brown, DanDeception Point4
Brown, DanDigital Fortress4
Brown, DanThe Da Vinci Code14
Brown, DanThe DaVinci Code4
Brownlee, Alistair & Brownlee, JonathanSwim Bike RunG5
Brownmiller, SusanWaverly Place48
Brun, TheodoreA Sacred StormG9
Bryson, BillDown Under12
Bryson, BillNotes from a Small Island29
Bryson, BillThe Road to Little Dribbling17
Bryson, BillThe Road to Little Dribbling31
Buchan, ElizabethI Can't Begin To Tell YouG11
Buchan, ElizabethRevenge Of The Middle-Aged Woman40
Burch Donald, ElsieNashborough6
Burke, SueSemiosisG10
Burstall, EmmaTremarnock Summer43
Burton, BettyNot Just a Soldiers War10
Burton, JessieThe Miniaturist45
Bushnell, CandaceLipstick JungleG12
Bushnell, CandaceSex And The CityG12
Bushnell, CandiceLipstick Jungle21
Byrom, SheenaCatching Babies14
CPlague Ship38
Cable, VinceThe Storm35
Caioli, LucaMessi24
Campion, JanePiano18
Campion, JanePiano19
Cannam, HelenDisordered Land6
Cannings, AngelAgainst All Odds36
Cannon, JoannaThe Trouble with Goats and Sheep4
Carew, LeoThe Wolf12
Carmi, KrystynaThe Strange Ways of Proividence in My Life2
Carter, AngelaWise ChildrenG7
Chadwick, ElizabethThe Conquest1
Chadwick, ElizabethThe Wild Hunt6
Chakraborty, S A The City of BrassG11
Chamberlain, DianeThe Silent Sister4
Chanter, CatherineThe Well42
Charnock, AnneDreams Before the Start of Time12
Child, Lee61 Hours32
Child, LeeA Wanted ManG1
Child, LeeA Wanted ManG1
Child, LeeBlue MoonG5
Child, LeeBlue Moon HB41
Child, LeeBlue Moon HBG9
Child, LeeEcho Burning9
Child, LeeKilling Floor32
Child, LeeMake MeG1
Child, LeePast TenseG9
Child, LeeThe Enemy49
Child, LeeThe SentinelG9
Childers, ErskineThe Riddle of The SandsG5
Christie, AgathaDeath Comes As The End48
Clancy, TomBio-StrikeG2
Clancy, TomDebt of Honour32
Clancy, TomRuthless.com17
Clancy, TomThe Cardinal of The KremlinG1
Clarke, Arthur C.A Fall of Moondust9
Clarkson, JeremyThe World According to Clarkson15
Clayton, IanBringing It All Back HomeG2
Cognetti, PaoloThe Eight Mountains42
Coleman, RowanThe Girl At The WindowG6
Colgan, JennyTalking To Addison34
Collier, CatrinHomecoming34
Collier, CatrinSpoils of WarG3
Collins, JackieDeadley Embrace12
Collins, JackieL.A. Connections - Power31
Collins, JackieSinners48
Collins, SuzanneThe Hunger Games - Mockingjay19
Conan Doyle, ArthurThe Lost WorldG5
Connor, AlexandraThe Turn of the Tide27
Conrad, JosephLord Jim41
Conran, ShirleyCrimson50
Conran, ShirleyTiger Eyes1
Cook, GloriaTrevennor's WillG3
Cook, Robin2 in 1, Coma & Abduction6
Cook, RobinMutation48
Cook, RobinToxin51
Cook, Thomas HOmnibusG5
Cookson, CatherineColour BlindBox
Cookson, CatherineHeritage of FollyBox
Cookson, CatherineKate HanniganG4
Cookson, CatherinePure As The LilyG4
Cookson, CatherineRooneyBox
Cookson, CatherineThe Blind Miller21
Cookson, CatherineThe Blind MillerBox
Cookson, CatherineThe Bonny DawnBox
Cookson, CatherineThe Branded ManBox
Cookson, CatherineThe Branded ManG4
Cookson, CatherineThe Cinder PathBox
Cookson, CatherineThe Desert CropG3
Cookson, CatherineThe Dwelling PlaceBox
Cookson, CatherineThe GarmentBox
Cookson, CatherineThe Long CorridorG4
Cookson, CatherineThe Nice BlokeG4
Cookson, CatherineThe ObsessionG4
Cookson, CatherineThe Tinker's Girl25
Cookson, CatherineThe Tinker's GirlG4
Cookson, CatherineThe Unbaited TrapG4
Coonts, StephenWages of SinG5
Cooper, JillyJump!35
Cooper, JillyJUMP!35
Cooper, JillyMount!29
Cooper, JillyPandora29
Corbett, RonnieAnd It's Goodnight From Him32
Cordy, MichaelThe Miracle Strain6
Corley, ElizabethInnocent Blood20
Cornwell, BernardDeath of Kings45
Cornwell, BernardDeath of Kings47
Cornwell, BernardHarlequin41
Cornwell, BernardSharpe's Fortress36
Cornwell, BernardSharpe's Triumph36
Cornwell, BernardStormchild5
Cornwell, BernardSword Song47
Cornwell, BernardThe Burning Land45
Cornwell, BernardThe Pagan Lord47
Cornwell, BernardThe Pale Horseman47
Cornwell, BernardWare Of The Wolf47
Cornwell, BerrnardHeretic2
Cornwell, PatriciaAll That Remains43
Cotterill, EdithNurse on Call32
Court, DillyA Loving Family22
Court, DillyA Mother's Wish34
Court, DillyThe Constant Heart43
Court, DillyThe Swan Maid23
Cox, JosephineBad Boy Jack27
Cox, JosephineChild of the North12
Cox, JosephineRainbow Days36
Cox, JosephineThe Guilded Cage11
Cox, JosephineThe Loner12
Craig, JenniferYes Sister, No Sister21
Crossley-Holland, KevinBritish Folk Tales30
Crossman, SarahBreath18
Crossman, SarahResist18
Cullen, BillIt's A Long Way From Penny Apples9
Curren Browne, GretaThe Fire on the Hill18
Cussler, CliveBlack Wind38
Cussler, CliveCyclops38
Cussler, CliveDeep Six9
Cussler, CliveDeep Six38
Cussler, CliveDragon38
Cussler, CliveFire Ice38
Cussler, CliveGolden Buddha38
Cussler, CliveInca Gold38
Cussler, CliveNight Probe38
Cussler, CliveOdessa SeaG5
Cussler, ClivePacfic Vortex9
Cussler, ClivePoseidon's Arrow38
Cussler, CliveRaise The Titanic38
Cussler, CliveSahara38
Cussler, CliveSerpent38
Cussler, CliveShock Wave38
Cussler, CliveSkeleton Coast1
Cussler, CliveThe Jungle38
Cussler, CliveThe Mediterranean Caper38
Cussler, CliveTreasure38
Cussler, CliveTreasure Of Khan38
Dailey, JanetNotoriousG3
Dandrea, DonThe Snow Warrior6
Danton, KittyEvie's War26
Dashner, JamesThe Death CureG2
Dashner, JamesThe Kill OrderG2
Dashner, JamesThe Maze RunnerG2
Dashner, JamesThe Scorch TrialsG2
Davidson, DorisThe Brow Of The GallowgateG4
Davis, FelicityGuard a Silver Sixpence12
Dawson, JamesUnder My Skin7
Day, DavidTolkien, The Illustrated EncyclopediaG10
Dean, EllieHome Coming43
Dean, EllieUntil You Come Home22
Deighton, LenCharity18
Deighton, LenLondon Match14
Deighton, LenSpy Line39
Deighton, LenSpy Sinker39
Demille, NelsonWild FireG5
Desai, HiranThe Inheritance of LossG2
Dettman, JoyMoth to the Flame10
Dewar, IslaIt Takes One To Know OneG3
Diamond, LucyThe Beach CaféG6
Diamond, MarianMagic Trees of the Mind13
Dibdin, MichaelBack to BolognaG10
Dibdin, MichaelMedusaG10
Dibdin, MichaelThanksgivingG10
Dickens, CharlesGreat Expectations19
Dickinson, MargaretThe Fisher LassG1
Dickinson, MattBobby Moore, The Man In Full23
Dickinson, RobertThe Tourist2
Diski, JennyNothing Natural14
Diski, JennyOn Trying to Keep Still14
Diski, JennySkating To Antartica7
Diski, JennyThe Again14
DisneyBeauty and the Beast - Book of the Film1
Dodson, JamesBen Hogan, The Authorise Biography12
Donachie, DavidA Close Run ThingG9
Donovan, AnneBeing Emily4
Donovan, AnneBuddha Da34
Doughty, LouiseFires in The Dark42
Drabble, MargaretThe Peppered Moth7
Dunant, SarahSacred Hearts42
Dunmore, HelenBirdcage WalkG7
Dunn, CarolaA Colourful Death20
Dunn, CarolaBuried In The CountryG12
Dwwck, Dr Carol S.Mindlset22
Dyson, SueA Far Tomorrow1
Eaton, PeggySilver Joey25
Eckel, Malcolm DavidUnderstanding Buddhism17
Eclair, JennyOlder and Wider45
Ehrlich, Carl S.Understanding Judaism17
Elliott, ChrisAngel In Blue34
Ellis, J.R.The Quartet Murders35
Elvie RhodesRuby Appleby14
Enders, GiuliaGut30
Erskine, BarbaraOn The Edge of DarknessG2
Evans, LissaTheir Finest21
Evans, PamelaA Smile for All Seasons28
Evans, PamelaIn The Dark Streets Shining12
Evans, PamelaUnder an Amber Sky31
Fallon, JaneFaking Friends43
Farndale, NigelThe Blasphemer46
Farndon, JohnDo You Think You Are Clever ?33
Feeney Callan, MichaelLovers and Dancers18
Fenwick, LizA Cornish AffairG6
Ferguson, NiallEmpire43
Fergusson, BenThe Spring of Kasper Meier2
Fforde, JasperThe Eyre AffairG5
Fforde, KatieArtistic Licence11
Fieding, HenryTom Jones10
Fiennes, RanulphMad, Bad & Dangerous to Know15
Filer, NathanThe Shock of The FallG2
Fiore, RosieBabies in Waiting11
Fisher, JudeThe Fellowship of The RingG10
Fitch, JanetWhite Oleander34
Fleming, LeahOrphans of War26
Fleming, LeahRemembranceG3
Fletcher, AdamDon't Go There1
Fletcher, SusanEve Green21
Flynn, GillianDark PlacesG9
Flynn, GillianGone Girl42
Flynn, KatieA Christmas to Remember23
Flynn, KatieA Family at Christmas23
Flynn, KatieA Kiss and a Promise36
Flynn, KatieA Long And Lonely Road33
Flynn, KatieA Mother's Hope26
Flynn, KatieAn Orphan's Christmas23
Flynn, KatieDarkest Before Dawn25
Flynn, KatieForgotten Dreams26
Flynn, KatieHeading Home25
Flynn, KatieHeading Home31
Flynn, KatieIn Time for Christmas25
Flynn, KatieLittle Girl Lost12
Flynn, KatieThe Cuckoo Child23
Flynn, KatieThe Foeget-Me-Not Summer31
Flynn, KatieThe Liverpool Rose33
Flynn, KatieThe Pride23
Flynn, KatieTwo Penn'orth of Sky23
Flynn, KatieYou Are My Sunshine43
Foley, WinifredShiny Pennies & Grubby Pinafores29
Follett, KenThe Pillars Of The Earth43
Ford, GinaThe New Contented Little Baby Book13
Foreman, GailI Was There20
Forester, C.S.Hornblower and the Atropos14
Forman, GayleIf I Stay50
Forrester, Helen2in1, The Latchkey Kid and Mouring Doves30
Forrester, HelenLiverpool Daisey28
Forster, MargaretPrivate Papers19
Forsyth, FrederickNo Comebacks39
Forsyth, FrederickThe Fourth Protocol39
Foster, StephenWalking Ollie33
Francis Lee, LindaTantrums & TiarasG2
Francis, Dick10lb Penalty3
Francis, Dick10lb Penalty35
Francis, Dick3 in 1, Longshot, Straight, High Stakes7
Francis, Dick3 in 1, Odds Against, Whip Hand, Come to Grief7
Francis, DickBanker7
Francis, DickBlood Sport7
Francis, DickBolt7
Francis, DickBonecrack7
Francis, DickCome to Grief7
Francis, DickComeback7
Francis, DickDead Cert7
Francis, DickDecider7
Francis, DickDriving Force35
Francis, DickField of 1323
Francis, DickField of Thirteen35
Francis, DickHot Money7
Francis, DickHot Money7
Francis, DickLongshot35
Francis, DickRisk7
Francis, DickSecond Wind7
Francis, DickSecond Wind19
Francis, DickShattered3
Francis, DickSmokescreren7
Francis, DickThe Danger31
Francis, DickTo The Hilt 35
Francis, DickTo The Hilt (2 copies)7
Francis, DickTwice Shy7
Francis, DickUnder Orders33
Francis, Dick & FelixCrossfireG3
Francis, FelixPulse7
Francome, JohnDead Weight34
Fraser, CaroA Little Learning18
Fraser, Christine MarionKing's CroftG5
Fraser, Christine MarionKing's ExileG5
Fraser, Christine MarionKing's FarewellG5
Fraser, DavidMad Frank & Sons31
Frayn, MichaelSpies16
Frayn, MichaelSpies19
French, NicciDay of the Dead14
French, NicciThe Memory Game17
Fry, StephenThe Liar5
Fyfield, FrancesSeeking Sanctuary & The Nature of the BeastG2
Gaffney, PatriciaThe Saving Graces4
Galbraith, RobertThe Cuckoo's Calling29
Galbraith, RobertThe Cuckoo's Calling30
Gale, PatrickNotes from an Exhibition13
Gale, PatrickNotes from an Exhibition30
Gale, PatrickThe Whole Day ThroughG5
Galloway, JaniceThe Trick is to Keep Breathing19
Gardiner, MegJerrico PointG4
Gardner, FrankCrisis1
Gardner, LisaLook for Me19
Gaskell, ElizabethCranford21
Gaskell, ElizabethWives and Daughters1
Gaskell, ElizabethWives and Daughters19
Gaskell, JaneThe City5
Gavriel Kay, GuyUnder Heaven45
Gentle, Mary1610 A Sundial in a Grave45
Gerritsen, TessLife Support50
Gibson, FionaWonderboy2
Glanfield, JennyViktoriaG12
Glass, CathyThe Night The Angel's Came9
Gliori, DebiDeep Fear18
Goddard, RobertInto The Blue34
Goddard, RobertPast Caring13
Goddard, RobertSea Change34
Goddard, RobertSet in Stone34
Golden, ArthurMemoirs of A Geisha32
Golden, ArthurMemories of a Geisha13
Golding, JuliaDen of Thieves30
Goldsmith, OliviaThe Switch48
Goodman, JonathanThe Lady Killers15
Goodwin, RosieDilly's Lass23
Goodwin, RosieMoonlight and Ashes23
Goodwin, RosieWhispers23
Gower, IrisCopper Kingdom5
Gower, IrisSwwet Rosie25
Grace, EvieHalf A Sixpence22
Grafton, SueA Is For Alibi47
Grage Hale, RosemaryUnderstanding Christianity17
Graham, JaniceSafe Harbour10
Graham, JaniceSarah's Window10
Graham, WinstonMarine5
Grange, Jean ChristopheBlood Red Rivers47
Granger, PipNot All Tarts Are Apple29
Grant, PaulBerlin: Caught in The Moustrap10
Gray, AlexThe River Man49
Gray, AlexThe Storker49
Gray, JohnMars and Venus In Love16
Gray, JohnMars and Venus Starting Over4
Greeley, Andrew MThe Magic Cup5
Green, JaneStraight Talking20
Green, JonathonCassell Dictionary of Insulting Quotations13
Gregory, PhilippaThe Kingmaker's Daughter34
Gregory, PhillippaThe Queens Fool41
Gregory, PhillippaTidelandsG10
Gregory, SusannaOmnibus43
Gregson, JuliaEast of the Sun41
Greig, AndrewIn Another Light10
Greig, PeteDirty GloryG12
Grenville, KateThe Secret RiverG7
Griffin, GeraldThe Collegians16
Griffin, KateThe Midnight MayorG1
Griffiths, AndyThe Thirteen Story TreehouseG9
Grimm, BrothersThe Complete Fairy Tales30
Grisham, JohnCamino Island44
Grisham, JohnThe Runaway Jury18
Grisham, JohnThe Runaway Jury25
Groves, AnnieAs Time Goes By30
Groves, AnnieGoodnight Sweetheart28
Guild, NicholasThe Assyrian20
Guterson, DavidEast Of The MountainsG7
Guterson, DavidSnow Falling On CedarsG7
Gwynne, JohnMaliceG11
Gwynne, JohnValourG11
Haasler, SueTwo's Company21
Haddix, MargaretRunning out of Time4
Haddix, MargaretThe Missing, Found22
Haddon, MarkThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time17
Hadley, TessaThe London Train12
Hadley, TessaThe Past12
Hague, WilliamWilliam Pitt, The Younger11
Hailey, ArthurOverload40
Hailey, ArthurStrong Medicine50
Hailey, ArthurStrong Medicine48
Hall, AramintaEvderything and Nothing2
Halls, StaceyThe Familiars9
Hamid, MohsinThe Reluctant Fundamentalist18
Hamilton, Peter FSalvationG10
Hancock, SheilaJust Me31
Hanks, TomUncommon Type44
Hannigan, EmmaDriving Home For Christma11
Harbinson, AllenThe Lodestone18
Harlowe, JustineJealousies48
Harman, ClaireCharlotte Brontë: A LifeG2
Harper CollinsThe Hobbit Annual, 2014G10
Harper CollinsTHe Lord of The Rings Trilogy Photo GuideG10
Harper, JaneThe Lost ManG10
Harris, CharlaineAltogether Dead34
Harris, CharlaineClub Dead34
Harris, CharlaineDead and Gone34
Harris, CharlaineDead As A Doornail34
Harris, CharlaineDead In The Family34
Harris, CharlaineDead To The World34
Harris, CharlaineDead Until Dark13
Harris, CharlaineDead Until Dark34
Harris, CharlaineFrom Dead to Worse34
Harris, CharlaineLiving Dead in Dallas34
Harris, RobertImperium43
Harris, RobertThe Ghost15
Harris, Rosie2in1 Poatsy of Paradise Place, Looking for Love25
Harris, RosieStolen Moments43
Harris, RosieThe Cobbler's Kids36
Harris, ThomasRed DragonG4
Harrison, KateThe Secret Shoppers Revenge5
Harrison, SueMy Sister The Moon20
Harry, LilianA Girl Called Thursday28
Harry, LilianA Promise to Keep9
Harry, LilianCorner House Girls27
Harry, LilianDance Little Lady28
Harry, LilianLove & LaughterG5
Harry, LilianP.S. I Love You31
Harry, LilianThree Little Ships25
Harry, LilianTuppence to Spend34
Harry, LilianWives and Sweethearts28
Hart, MirandaPeggy & MeG12
Harting, J EThe RabbitG10
Harvey, JohnDarkness & Light34
Harvey, SamanthaThe Western Wind35
Haskell, JamesWhat A Flanker10
Hawkins, PaulaThe Girl On The Train20
Haworth, DonDid You Like That?' Fred Dibnah, In His Own Words23
Hay, DonnaSuch A Perfect Sister22
Hayden, ToreyBeautiful Child11
Healey, EmmaElizabeth Is Missing15
Healey, EmmaElizabeth Is Missing19
Heitman, LynneHard Landing & Parts UnknownG2
Heller, MandasueForget Me NotG1
Heller, MandasueTainted Lives20
Helm, KateThe House Share46
Henderson, LaurenJane Austin's Guide to Romance16
Henry, VeronicaThe Beach Hut32
Herbert, JamesCreed33
Herbert, JamesHaunted33
Herbert, JamesMoon33
Herbert, JamesThe Fog33
Herbert, JamesThe Magic Cottage33
Herbert, JamesThe Spear33
Higgins Clark, MaryA Stranger is Watching51
Higgins Clark, MaryA Stranger Is Watching22
Higgins Clark, MaryStillwatch51
Higgins, JackA Season In Hell39
Higgins, JackBad Company16
Higgins, JackCold Harbour39
Higgins, JackNight Of The Fox39
Higgins, JackThe Eagle Has Flown39
Higgins, JackThe Eagle Has Landed39
Higgins, JackYear of The Tiger32
Highsmith, PatriciaCarol45
Higson, CharlieSilverfinG1
Hill, JustinViking Fire42
Hill, ReginaldBones & Silence32
Hill, SusanThe Comforts of Home12
Hislop, VictoriaCartes Postales From GreeceG1
Hislop, VictoriaLe Fil Des Souvenirs4
Hislop, VictoriaOne Night In AugustG6
Hislop, VictoriaThe Island42
Hitchcock, William ILiberationG10
Hoag, TamiA Thin Dark Line2
Hocking, AmandaSwitchedG10
Hoeg, PeterThe History of Danish DreamsG7
Hogan, RuthThe Wisdom of Sally Red ShoesG6
Holden, WendyFame Fatale13
Holden, WendyPastures NouveauxG12
Holden, WendyThe Full Monty48
Holland, JamieOne Thing Leads To Another48
Holland, TomRubicron43
Hollinghurst, AlanThe Line of Beauty18
Holt, VicyoriaSeven for A SecretG5
Honeyman, GailEleanor Oliphant Is Completly FineG1
Hood, Evelyn2in1, Looking After Your Own - McAdam's Women33
Hood, EvelynPebbles on th Beach18
Hood, EvelynThe Damask Days18
Hope, AnthonyThe Prisoner of Zenda17
Hope, MaggieAn Orphans Secret23
Hope, MaggieEliza's Child22
Hopkins, BillyOur Kid27
Hore, RachelA Week in Paris16
Hornby, NickFever Pitch15
Hornby, NickFever Pitch27
Hornby, NickHow to Be Good19
Hornby, NickSet of 6 booksG3
Horton, BabsDandelion SoupG7
Hosseini, KahledAne The Mountains Echoed49
Howard, AudreyAmbitions35
Howard, AudreyWhen Morning Comes33
Howard, Elizabeth JaneThe Beautiful Visit2
Hughes, AnnaEat, Sleep, Cycle21
Hugo, VictorLes Miserables Volume 113
Hugo, VictorLes Miserables Volume 213
Humphreys, JamesRip TideG2
Hunt, Leo13 Days of Midnight10
Hutchinson, MegA Handful of Silver27
Hutchinson, MegBitter Seed27
Hutchinson, MegBitter SeedG4
Hutchinson, MegChild of Sin9
Hutchinson, MegFor The Sake of Her Daughter31
Huth, AngelaInvitation To The Married Life19
Hutson, ShaunCompulsionG5
Hyams, JackyWhite Boots and Miniskirts31
Iggulden, ConnThe Falcon of SpartaG9
Iggulden,ConnEmperor, The Gods of War15
Innes, Hammond2in1 The Last Voyage, High Stand26
Innes, HammondIsvik40
Innes, HammondMeduca / The Doomed Oasis49
Innes, HammondNorth Star40
Irving, JohnThe Fourth Hand49
Irving, JohnThe World According to Garp17
Jacobs, AnnaHigh Street28
Jacobs, JosephCeltic Fairy Tales30
Jacobs, NormanPie 'n' Mash & Prefabs31
Jacobson, HowardJ19
Jahiri, JhumpaInterpreter of Maladies21
Jakes, JohnThe Titans17
Jakes, JohnThe Warriors17
James, E.L.Fifty Shades of Grey10
James, EricaComing Home To Island House43
James, P DInnocent Blood51
James, P.D.A Certain Justice40
James, PeterFind Them Dead46
James, PeterProphecy50
James, PeterWant You Dead46
James, PeterYou Are Dead32
Jansen, SheilaDella Dolan12
Jemisin, N KThe Fifth Season45
Jensen, LouiseThe Family42
Jessop, EscapeEscape22
John, D.B.Star Of The NorthG10
Johns, RebeccaIcebergs44
Johnston, JenniferFoolish Mortals21
Jones, BelindaDivas Las VegasG12
Jones, ChristinaJumping To Conclusions48
Jones, RuthNever Greener17
Jonker, JoanDown Our Street27
Jonker, JoanTaking A Chance on Love27
Jonker, JoanYou Stole my Heart Away12
Jonsson, UlrikaHonest3
Joshua, AnthonyKing of The Ring21
Kalman, YvonneMists of Heaven6
Kava, AlexAt The Stroke of Madness14
Kay, AdamThis is Going to Hurt1
Keating, H R FInspector Ghote Trusts The Heart35
Keating, H R FThe Perfect Murder35
Keeble, HarryLittle Victim11
Keenan, BrianBetween Extremes2
Kelderman, DonnaSeasons of the Heart29
Kelk, LindseyI Heart Paris21
Kelk, LindseyOne In A MillionG6
Keller, TimothyMy Rock, My Refuge16
Kellerman, FayeDay of Attonement5
Kellerman, FayeSerpent's Tooth6
Kellerman, FayeStone Kiss18
Kellerman, FayeThe Burnt House5
Kellerman, FayeThe Forgotten5
Kells, SusannahCoat of Arms6
Kelly, CathySomeone Like You28
Keneally, ThomasSchindler's List46
Kent, ChristobelLate Season36
Kernick, SimonA Good Day to Die22
Kerr, PhilipGreeks Bearing Gifts44
King, SophieThe School Run17
King, StephenSkeleton Crew50
Kingston, BerylAvalanche Of DasiesG3
Kinney, JeffDiary Of A Whimpy Kid - The GetawayG11
Kinsella, SophieA Desirable Residence22
Kinsley, ErinFound32
Kirino, NatsuoOUT22
Klaussmann, LizaTigers In Red Weather42
Kneale, MatthewSweet Thames46
Knef, HildergardThe Gift Horse1
Knight, BernardThe Elixir of Death21
Knight, IndiaMy Life on a Plate15
Koomson, DorothyThe Woman He Loved Before11
Koontz, DeanOdd Thomas22
Koontz, DeanThe Eyes of Darkness6
Koontz, DeanWhispers51
Krantz, JudithI'll Take Manhatten50
Kureishi, HanifLove in a Blue Time21
La Plant, Richard2 in 1, Leopard, Mind Kill10
La Plante, LindaBuriedG5
Lacey, RobertBattle of Brothers49
Lackberg, CamilaThe Preacher16
Land, AliGood Me, Bad Me17
Lane, LizzieA Wartime Wife31
Lapena, ShariThe Couple Next Door16
Laurens, StephanieThe Edge of Desire22
Lawson, MaryCrow Lake4
Lazell, DavidFrom The Forest I Came15
Le Carre, JohnThe Second Pilgrim20
Le Carre, JohnThe Spy Who Came in From The Cold45
Le Carre, JohnThe Spy Who Came in From The Cold17
Lee, MaureenDancing in the Dark28
Lee, MaureenKitty and Her Sisters12
Lee, MaureenLaceys of Liverpool29
Lee, MaureenLime Street Blues35
Lee, MaureenThe Girl from Barefoot House27
Lee, MaureenThrough the Storm33
Lennox, JudithWritten on Glass34
Levitt, Stephen, DSuperfreakonomics30
Lewis, GillSky Hawk45
Lewis, JohnSavage Exile6
Lewis, SusanNo Child Of Mine43
Lewis, SusanOne Minute Later9
Lewis, SusanThe Hornbeam Tree23
Lewis, SusanWildfire33
Lewycka, MarinaA Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian17
Ley, RosannaBay Of Secrets5
Ley, RosannaThe Little Theatre By The seaG6
Lide, MaryThe Legacy26
Light, AlanLet's Go Crazy10
Lightfoot, FredaFor All Our Tomorrows22
Lindley, MaureenThe Private Papers of Eastern Jewel16
Lindsey, DavidMercy50
Lipman, MaureenHow Was It For You?15
Liptrot, AmyThe Outrun42
Liz & JulieYou F'Coffee, Sir?!!!21
Llewellyn, SamHell Bay17
Lloyd, David 'Bumble'Last in The Tin Bath31
Lloyd, David 'Bumble'The World According to Bumble31
Lloyd, Josie Love LivesG7
Lodge, DavidGinger, You're Barmy35
London, JackThe Call of the Wild: White Fang9
Louis Stevenson, RobertTreasure IslandG5
Ludlum, RobertThe Aquitaine Progression50
Ludlum, RobertThe Tristan Betrayal14
LuluI Don't Want to Fight16
Lupton, RosamundThree Hours45
Lurie, AlisonWoman & Ghosts18
Lyle, SandyTo The Fairway Born28
Lynch, ScottThe Lies of Locke Lamora42
MacCoun, CatherineThe Age of Miracles11
MacInnes, HelenPrelude To Terror26
MacIntyre, BenOperation Mincemeat47
Macintyre, BenSAS Rouge Heroes32
Mackintosh, ClareI See You42
MacLean, AlistairCircus39
MacLean, AlistairDeath Train39
MacLean, AlistairRiver of Death39
MacLean, AlistairSan Andreas39
MacLean, AlistairSantorini39
MacLean, AlistairThe Lonely Sea39
MacLean, S.G.The Seeker42
Macqueen, AdamThe King of Sunlight44
Maddoc, GwenThe Stolen Baby23
Maitland, KarenThe Falcons Of Fire And Ice43
Malouf, DavidRansom42
Mankell, HenningAn Event In AutumnG11
Mankell, HenningBefore The FrostG11
Mankell, HenningDepthsG10
Mankell, HenningFirewall14
Mankell, HenningOne Step Behind14
Mankell, HenningSidetrackedG11
Mankell, HenningThe Fifth WomanG11
Mankell, HenningThe Man Who SmiledG11
Mankell, HenningThe Return Of The Dancing MasterG10
Mankell, HenningThe Troubled ManG11
Mankell, HenningThr PyramidG11
Mansell, JillAn Offer You Can't Refuse15
Mansell, JillPerfect Timing20
Mansell, JillSolo9
Mantel, HilaryBeyond Black35
Marble, JoanNotes From An Italian Garden43
Mariani, ScottThe Babylon Idol15
Marix Evans, MartinOver The TopG10
Marshall, ElizabethReindeer Moon26
Martin, George R RGame of Thrones43
Martin, GuyMy Autobiography29
Martin, GuyWorms to Catch29
Martin, HollyThe Cottage On Sunshine CoveG6
Martin, SteveThe Attorney6
Martine, ArkadyA Memory Called Empire45
Masello, RobertThe Romanov Cross5
Maskell, ValerieShopkeepersG1
Matthews, CaitlinThe Psychic Protection Handbook2
Matthews, CaroleMore To Life Than ThisG12
Maxtone Graham, YsendaTerms & Conditions, Life in Girls Boarding Schools 1939-197920
Maxwell, MarieGracie23
May, PeterChinese Wispers49
Mc Loughlin, CressidaThe Canal Boat Cafe ChristmasG6
McBain, EdAxe50
McBain, EdBeauty And The Beast51
McBain, EdBig Man51
McBain, EdFat Ollie's Book27
McBain, EdWidows51
McCall Smith, AlexanderCorduroy Mansions42
McCall Smith, AlexanderTeatime For The Traditionally BuiltG9
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Careful Use of ComplimentsG9
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Sunday Philosophy Club32
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Unbearable Lightness of SconesG9
McCann, RichardJust A Boy21
McCann, RichardThe Boy Grows Up9
McCourt, Frank'TisG7
McDermid, ValThe Distant Echo12
McDermid, ValThe Mermaids Singing20
McEnroe, JohnSerious1
McEnroe, JohnSerious16
McEwan, IanAtonement7
McEwan, IanSaturday42
McEwan, IanSaturday49
McEwan, IanThe Children Act2
McFarlane, MhairiHere's Looking At YouG5
McGinniss, JoeFatal Vision51
McInerney, JayBrightness Falls17
McKay, HilaryThe Skylarks War20
McMahon, KatharineFootstepsG3
McNab, AndyCold Blood22
McNamara, AliHope and Happiness in Bluebell WoodG6
McNamara, AliSecrets And Seashells At Rainbow Bay21
McNeil, GilIn The Wee Small HoursG6
Mead, RichelleFrostbite16
Meltzer, BradThe Millionaires2
Meltzer, BradThe Presidents Shadow22
Mendelson, CharlotteDaughters of Jerusalem4
Meyer, NicholasSherlock Holmes et le Fantome de l'Opera21
Miller, RebeccaThe Private Lives of Pippa Lee16
Miller, SueThe Senator's WifeG9
Mitchell, DavidBlack Swan Green12
Montefiore, SantaThe Butterfly Box22
Montefiore, SantaThe Butterfly Box41
Montgomery, L.M.Anne of Green Gables35
Moody, SusanHush Bye49
Moore, CyrusCity of Thieves13
Moore, JanePerfect Match49
Moore, JaneThe Second Wives ClubG12
Moore, RachelA Cornish Maid24
Moore, RachelA Cornish Maid31
Moore, TimYou Are Awful (But I Like You) 31
Moraity, LianeNine Perfect Strangers5
More, KennethMore or Less40
Morgan, KassThe 10012
Morgan, KassThe 100 Day 2112
Morgan, KassThe 100 Homecoming30
Moriarty, LianeWhat Alice Forgot14
Morpurgo, MichaelBilly The KidG11
Morpurgo, MichaelPrivate PeacefulG11
Morpurgo, MichaelThe Amazing Story of Adolphus TipsG11
Morris, DesmondThe Human Zoo2
Morris, MarcThe Norman Conquest19
Mortenson, GregThree Cups of Tea45
Morton, AndrewDIANA - Her True Story - In Her Own Words33
Morton, KateThe Clockmaker's Daughter42
Morton, KateThe Lake House2
Mosse, KateCitadel10
Mosse, KateSepulchere5
Mosse, KateThe Mistletoe Bride and other Haunting Tales44
Moyes, JojoNight MusicG6
Moyes, JojoStill MeG6
Moyes, JojoThe Giver of Stars49
Moyes, JoJoThe Peacock Empoium21
Moyes, JojoThe Ship Of BridesG6
Moynihan, MichaelLords of Chaos30
Muir, FrankA Kentish Lad6
Murphy, MauraDon't Wake Me At Doyles35
Murray, AnnieA Hopscotch Summer22
Murray, AnnieBirmingham Blitz15
Murray, AnnieChocolate Girls36
Murray, AnnieKate & Olivia3
Murray, AnnieMiss Purdy's Class36
Murray, AnnieOrphan of Angel Street2
Murray, AnnieOrphan of Angel Street27
Murray, AnniePoppy Day3
Murray, AnnieThe Narrowboat Girl3
Murray, AnnieThe Woman of Lilac Street23
Murray, AnnieWater Gypsies36
Murray, Iain HJohn MacArthur15
Nadel, BarbaraAn Act of Kindness19
Naik, AnitaPocket Babe9
Nanby, ChrisGirl Meets ApeG12
Nance, John JBlackout17
Nance, John JMedusa's Child2
Narayanan, VasudhaUnderstanding Hinduism17
Neale, KittyNobody's Girl24
NewScientistDoes Anything Eat Wasps?19
Ng, CelesteLittle Fires EverywhereG10
Nichol, JohnExclusion Zone2
Nicholls, DavidOne Day19
Nicholson, WilliamThe Wind SingerG2
Niven, DavidGo Slowly, Come Back Quickly40
Nobel, ElizabethAlphabet Weekends18
Noble, ElizabethThe Girl Next Door4
Norman, CharityAfter the Fall11
North, FreyaCatg12
Nunez, SigridThe FriendG12
O'Brian PatrickMaster & Commander14
O'Connor, DeborahMy Husband's Son41
O'Connor, JosephStar of the Sea4
O'Farrell JohnThe Best A Man Can Get14
O'Farrell JohnThings Can Only Get Better14
O'Farrell, MaggieThe Hand That First Held MineG10
O'Farrell, MaggieThe Hand That First Held MineG4
O'Flanagan, SheilaThe HideawayG6
O'Flanagan, SheilaWhat Happened That Night5
O'Grady PaulAt My Mothers Knee.and Other Low Joints23
O'Grady PaulThe Devil Rides Out29
O'Neill, Gilda2in1 Playing Around, The Lights of London27
O'Neill, GildaJust Around The Corner24
O'Neill, GildaSecrets of the Heart28
O'Neill, GildaThe Bells of Bow26
Oldfield, PamelaGolden Tally15
Oldfield, PamelaGreen Harvest15
Oldfield, PamelaLily Golightly15
Oldfield, PamelaSummer Song15
Oldfield, PamelaThe Station Master's Daughter15
Oldstone-Moore, JenniferUndersanding Taoism17
Oldstone-Moore, JenniferUnderstanding Confucianism17
Oliva, AlexanderThe Last One10
Oliver, HarryMarch Hares and Monkeys UnclesG2
Olyslaegers, JeroenWill42
Osborne, FrancesPark Lane18
Overton, HollieBaby Doll10
Owens, DeliaWhere The Crawdads Sing9
Pagden, AnthonyPeoples and Empires10
Page, LyndaAnd Out of Luck34
Page, LyndaNo Going Back27
Page, LyndaThose Were The Days22
Paige, FrancesThe Butterfly Girl11
Palmer, MichaelFlashbackG4
Pamuk, OrhanThe Museum of Innocence1
Parker, AlanBugsy Malone11
Parker, JanSibling Rivalry, Sibling Love13
Parks, AdeleSpare Brides10
Parson, TonyGirl On Fire49
Parsons, TonyMan and Boy4
Parsons, TonyMan and Wife9
Patterson, JamesInstinctG12
Patterson, JamesInstinct11
Pattison, EliotWater Touching Stone11
Paver, MichelleThe Shadow CatcherG2
Payne, SaraA Mother's Story11
Pearce, LesleyWithout A Trace49
Pearce, PhilppaTom's Midnight Garden30
Pears, IainAn Instance of the Fingerpost20
Pearse, A.J.Dear Mrs Bird16
Pearse, LesleyRemember Me15
Pearse, LesleyRosie26
Pearse, LesleySecrets33
Pearse, LesleyTill We Meet Again2
Pearson, AllisonI Don't Know How She Does It1
PelePele, The Autobiography12
Pemberton, LynneMarilyn's Child48
Pemberton, VictorA Perfect Stranger27
Pemberton, VictorLeo's Girl31
Pemberton, VictorNellie's War25
Phifer, HelenThe Ghost House13
Philby, CharlottePart Of The FamilyG10
Phinn, GervaisOut of the Woods But Not Over The Hill29
Picoult, JodiCgange of Heart36
Picoult, JodiPerfect Match9
Piercy, MargeWoman On The Edge Of TimeG10
Pierre, DBCVernon God LittleG4
Pilcher, RobinStarting Over16
Pilicher, Rosamund3in1, Wild Mountain Thyme,The Empty House, The End of Summer27
Pitman, JennyOn the Edge3
Powerscourt, SheilaSun Too Fast43
Pratchett, TerryA Hat Full of Sky30
Pratchett, TerryJingo30
Pratchett, TerryMonstrous Regiment30
Pratchett, TerryNight Watch30
Pratchett, TerryRaising Steam30
Pratchett, TerryThe Light Fantastic30
Pratchett, TerryThe Shepherd's Crown30
Pratchett, TerryWinter Smith30
Pratt, Jean LuceyA Notable WomanG12
Probert-Wright BarrieLittle Girl Lost33
Proulx, AnnieClose Range16
Prowse, AmandaThe Day She Came BackG1
Purcell, DeirdreThe Winter GatheringG6
Puzo, MarioThe Scicilian48
Quigley, JohnKing's Royal50
Quindlen, AnnaBlessings21
Radcliffe, RobertUnder An English HeavenG12
Ramsay, EileenThe Broken Gate26
Randall, RonaKnight'Keep26
Rankin, IanHide & Seek7
Rankin, IanHide and Seek32
Rankin, RobertKnees Up Mother Earth42
Rathbone, JulianThe Crystal Contract24
Read, MissChristmas at Thrush Green31
Redhill, MichealMartin Sloane4
Redick, Robert V SThe Red Wolf ConspiracyG9
Rednap, HarryIt Shouldn't Happen to a Manager18
Rednap, HarryIt Shouldn't Happen to a Manager28
Reed, RexPersonal Effects28
Rees, CeliaTruth or Dare19
Reichs, KathyDeadly Decisions51
Reid, JamieEasy Money26
Rendell, RuthA Demon In My View46
Rendell, RuthA Guilty Thing Surprised20
Rendell, RuthEnd in Tears40
Rendell, RuthThe Copper PeacockG12
Rendell, RuthThe Fourth Wexford Omnibus40
Rendell, RuthThe Girl Next DoorG9
Rendell, RuthThe Third Wexford Omnibus40
Rendell, RuthThirteen Steps Down10
Reve, GerardThe EveningsG10
Rhodes, ElviThe Mountain25
Rhodes, ElviThe Mountain33
Rice Burroughs, EdgarTarzan of The ApesG5
Riley, LucindaHot House Flower36
Riley, LucindaThe Angel Tree43
Riley, LucindaThe Italian Girl36
Riordan, KateThe Girl in the Photograph5
Rivers Siddons, AnneNora, NoraG12
Rivers, CarolBella of Bowstreet24
Rivers, CarolCockney Orphan43
Rivers, CarolConnie of Kettle Street24
Rivers, CarolLizzie of Langly Street31
Rivers, CarolRose of Ruby Street24
Rivers, FrancineLeota's Garden36
Robbins, ChristopherThe Test of Courage2
Robbins, Harold79 Park Avenue26
Robbins, HaroldDescent From Xanadu25
Robbins, HaroldDreams Die First25
Robbins, HaroldGoodbye Janette24
Robbins, HaroldMemories of Another Day24
Robbins, HaroldNever Love A Stranger26
Robbins, HaroldSpellbinder26
Robbins, HaroldStiletto26
Robbins, HaroldThe Pirate26
Robbins, HaroldThe Preditors29
Robbins, HaroldThe Raiders24
Robbins, HaroldThe Stallion24
Robbins, HaroldThe Story-Teller25
Robbins, HaroldWhere Love Has Gone24
Roberts, NoraConsidering Kate36
Roberts, NoraKey of Light21
Roberts, NoraKey of Valour18
Roberts, NoraThe Magic Of Home43
Robinson, PeterMany Rivers To CrossG12
Robson, BobbyFarewell But Not Goodbye12
Rosenberg, Nancy TaylorFirst Offence18
Ross, MelvilleLohengrin40
Rowe, DorothyDepression, The Way Out of Prison7
Rowling, J.K.The Casual Vacancy15
Rowntree, KathleenBetween Friends16
Rowntree, KathleenBetween Friends32
Ruiz Zafon, CarlosThe Prisoner of Haven49
Russell, LeighKiller Plan10
Russell, LyndsayFat Chance5
Rutherfurd, EdwordThe Forest15
Ryan, C.W.A House of Ghosts17
Ryan, ChrisAgent 212
Ryan, ChrisLand of Fire16
Ryan, ChrisOutbreak43
Sabharwal, ElanaThe Delhi Deception19
Sachar, LouisHoles48
Sage, LornaBad Blood36
Sage, LornaBad Blood33
Saint & GreavsieFunny Old Game31
Sallis, SusanThe Daffodils of Newent7
Sanders, LawrenceThe Seduction of Peter S.50
Sanderson, BrandenThe Final EmpireG10
Sanderson, BrandenThe Well Os AscensionG10
SapperBulldog Drummond10
Sassoon, SiegfriedMemoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man42
Savage, AlanOttoman1
Saylor, StevenEmpire43
Scanlan, PatriciaHappy Ever After32
Scarrow, SimonThe Emperor's ExileG9
Scheinmann, DannyRandom Acts of Heroic LoveG9
Schwartz, LeslieAngels Crest14
Scott Littleton, CUnderstanding Shinto17
Sebastian, TimSpy Shaddow51
Sebold, AliceLovely Bones16
Sebold, AliceLucky4
Sedgewick, MargaretMy Sword Hand is SingingG3
Serpell, NamwaliThe Old Drift45
Seskis, TinaOne Step Too Far19
Setterfield, DianeOnce Upon a River12
Seymour, GeraldHome Run28
Shabin, CarolInto The Abyss18
Shakespeare WilliamHamlet5
Shan, DarrenVampire War2
Sharp, CathyChristmas for the Halfpenny Orphans23
Sharp, CathyThe Boy With the Latchkey23
Sharpe, TomGrantchester Grind6
Shatner, WilliamUp Till Now50
Shaw, RebeccaTrouble in the Village15
Shaw, RebeccaVillage Matters11
Shayler, MarkDo/ Distrust5
Shea, RobertThe Saracon - Land of the Infidel4
Sheldon, SidneyBloodline26
Sheldon, SidneyIf Tomorrow Comes28
Sheldon, SidneyMaster of The Game26
Sheldon, SidneyMaster of the Game39
Sheldon, SidneyMorning, Noon and Night25
Sheldon, SidneyNothing Lasts Forever26
Sheldon, SidneyThe Doomsday Conspiracy27
Sheldon, SidneyThe Doomsday Conspiracy39
Sheldon, SidneyThe Other Side Of Midnight25
Sheldon, SidneyThe Other Side of Midnight39
Sheldon, SidneyThe Sands of Time26
Sheldon, SidneyThe Sky is Falling27
Sheldon, SidneyThe Stars Shine Down26
Sheldon, SidneyWindmills Of The Gods26
Sheldon, SydneyIf Tomorrow Comes48
Sheldon, SydneyMaster Of The Game48
Sheldon, SydneyThe Other Side Of Midnight48
Sheldon, SydneyThe Sands of Time51
Sher, AntonyYear of the King19
Sherwood, BenThe Death and Life of Charlie St CloudG2
Sholokhov, MikhailAnd Quiet Flows The Don32
Shreve, AnitaBody Surfing2
Shreve, AnitaFortune's RocksG7
Shreve, AnitaThe Last Time They Met14
Shreve, AnitaThe Pilot's Wife21
Shreve, AnitaThe Stars Are Fire6
Shriver, LionelWe need to talk about Kevin1
Shriver, LionelWe need to talk about Kevin19
Shute, NevilleWhat Happened to The Corbetts24
Sibley, BrianThe Lord of The Rings, The Making of The Movie TrilogyG10
Sillitoe, AlanThe Widower's Son25
Sixsmith, MartinPhilomena19
Slaughter, CarolynBefore The Knife49
Smiley, JaneThe Greenlanders1
Smith, AliWinter12
Smith, Jennifer EThe Statistical Probability of Love at First FlightG4
Smith, LizOur Betty33
Smith, WilburA Falcon Flies37
Smith, WilburA Time To Die24
Smith, WilburA Time To Die37
Smith, WilburBlue Horizon37
Smith, WilburCry Wolf25
Smith, WilburElephant Song25
Smith, WilburElephant Song37
Smith, WilburGold26
Smith, WilburGolden Fox27
Smith, WilburGolden Fox37
Smith, WilburGolden Lion37
Smith, WilburMem of Men37
Smith, WilburMen of Men26
Smith, WilburMonsoon37
Smith, WilburPower Of The Sword37
Smith, WilburRage37
Smith, WilburRiver God24
Smith, WilburThe Leopard Hunts in Darkness24
Smith, WilburThe Quest37
Smith, WilburThe Seventh Scroll37
Smith, WilburThe Sunbird25
Smith, WilburVicious Circle17
Smith, WilburWar Cry14
Smith, WilburWarlock37
Smith, WilburWild Justice37
Spann Craig, ElizabethPretty Is As Pretty Dies9
Speight, RichardDesperate Justice51
Speller, ElizabethAt Break of DayG5
Spencer, BarbaraRunning4
Spillane, MickeyOne Lonely Night3
Staples, Mary JaneAppointment At The Palace34
Staples, Mary JaneChanging Times34
Staples, Mary JaneChurchill's People25
Staples, Mary JaneEchoes of Yesterday25
Staples, Mary JaneFire Over London31
Staples, Mary JaneSons and Daughters29
Staples, Mary JaneThe Last Summer29
Staples, Mary JaneThe Way Ahead28
Staples, Mary JaneTomorrow is Another Day21
Staples, Mary JaneTomorrow is Another Day24
Staples, Mary JaneYear of Victory27
Steel, DanielleA Good Woman8
Steel, DanielleBetrayal8
Steel, DanielleBungalow 28
Steel, DanielleChanges8
Steel, DanielleCountryG1
Steel, DanielleFairy TaleG1
Steel, DanielleFamilies Ties8
Steel, DanielleFamily Album48
Steel, DanielleFamily Album8
Steel, DanielleFine Things8
Steel, DanielleFirst Sight8
Steel, DanielleFive Days in Paris8
Steel, DanielleHonour Thyself36
Steel, DanielleHotel Vendome8
Steel, DanielleIrresistable Force8
Steel, DanielleJohnny Angel41
Steel, DanielleKaledoscope8
Steel, DanielleLeap of Faith8
Steel, DanielleLegacy8
Steel, DanielleLone Eagle3
Steel, DanielleLoving8
Steel, DanielleMagic8
Steel, DanielleMalice8
Steel, DanielleMiracle3
Steel, DanielleMirror Image48
Steel, DanielleMirror Image50
Steel, DanielleMixed Blessings8
Steel, DanielleNow and Forever3
Steel, DaniellePegasus8
Steel, DanielleProdigal Son8
Steel, DanielleProperty Of A NoblewomanG1
Steel, DanielleRemembrance8
Steel, DanielleRushing Waters8
Steel, DanielleSecrets48
Steel, DanielleSouthern Lights8
Steel, DanielleSpecial Delivery3
Steel, DanielleStar8
Steel, DanielleThe Gift29
Steel, DanielleThe Home on Hope Street8
Steel, DanielleThe House8
Steel, DanielleThe House16
Steel, DanielleThe Promise8
Steel, DanielleThe Ranch41
Steel, DanielleThe Wedding41
Steel, DanielleTo Love Again8
Steel, DanielleUndercoverG1
Steel, DanielleUntil The End of Time3
Steele, TommyThe Final Run39
Stephens, KayNorth Riding27
Stephens, KayNorth RidingG2
Stephens, KayThe Soaring Fells3
Stewart, EdwardPrivileged Lives24
Stimson, TessThe Adultery Club44
Stirling, JessicaPrized Possessions25
Stirling, JessicaThe Spoiled Earth27
Stirling, JessicaThe Strawberry Season34
Storey, JoyceThe House in South Road12
Strachan, BernadetteHow To Lose A Husband & Gain A LifeG3
Stratton, AlanThe Hunters25
Striber, WhitleyMajesticG2
Strong, TerenceSons of Heaven3
Styles, DaisyThe Bomb Girls' Secrets23
Styles, DaisyThe Code Girls43
SuetoniusThe Twelve Caesars43
Sully, SueThe Scent of May5
Summers, RowenaHidden CurrentsG1
Susann, JacquelineYargo29
Susie BoytOnly Human10
Sutcliffe, WilliamThe Love Hexagon2
Swain, HeidiSlay Rides And Silver Bells At The Christmas Fair43
Swan, KarenThe Christmas PartyG7
Swarup, VikasSlumdog Millionaire45
Swift, GrahamLast Orders13
Sykes, EricIf I Don't Write It, Nobody Else Will50
Synge, AllenHunters of the Lost Ashes29
Tadoh, RubyEat UpG11
Tannahill, ReayPassing Glory20
Tannahill, ReayReturn of the Stranger20
Taraborrelli, J RandyMadonna3
Taylor Bradford, BarbaraAct Of Will50
Taylor Bradford, BarbaraDangerous To Know48
Taylor Bradford, BarbaraRemember48
Taylor Bradford, BarbaraThe Women In His Life50
Taylor Bradford, BarbaraThe Women In His Life51
Taylor, G.P.Shadowmance18
Taylor, LainiDaughter of Smoke and Bone18
Tchaikovsky, AdrianChildren of Time42
Tevelyan, DavidFeathers in the Dust4
Tey, JosephineThe Franchise AffairG12
Thomas, JoLate Summer In The VinyardG6
Thomas, LeslieArrivals and Departures3
Thomas, LeslieCome To The War24
Thomas, LeslieDangerous by Moonlight35
Thomas, LeslieDover Beach28
Thomas, LeslieKensington Heights28
Thomas, LeslieOrders for New York28
Thomas, LeslieOrmarod's Landing3
Thomas, LeslieOther Times27
Thomas, LeslieRunning Away28
Thomas, LeslieThat Old Gang of Mine28
Thomas, LeslieThe Adventures of Goodnight and Loving28
Thomas, LeslieThe Dearest and The Best28
Thomas, LeslieThe Dearest and The Best34
Thomas, LeslieThe Loves and Journeysof Revolving Jones28
Thomas, LeslieThe Magic Army28
Thomas, LeslieWaiting For The Day34
Thomas, Rosie?4
Thomas, RosieA Woman of our Times3
Thomas, RosieSunrise36
Thomas, RosieThe Potter's House35
Thompson, E.V.2in1 The Retallick. Chase The Wind20
Thompson, E.V.Cast No ShadowsG5
Thomson Davis, Margaret2in1 Hold Me Forever - A Kind Of Immortality34
Thorne, NicolaChampagne3
Thorne, NicolaThe Daughter of the House26
Thorne, NicolaWhere The Rivers Meet20
Thornton, MargaretForgive Our Foolish Ways27
Tilbury, PeterShelly24
Titchmarsh, AlanAnimal Instincts28
Titchmarsh, AlanMr MacGregor29
Titchmarsh, AlanRosie34
Titchmarsh, AlanThe Haunting35
Tomalin, ClaireThomas Hardy, The Time Torn ManG10
Toon, PaigeFive Years From NowG6
Torrance, SamOut of Bounds3
Townsend, AnneGood Enough for God14
Townsend, SueAdrian Mole, The Cappuccino Years2
Tremayne, KateThe Loveday Pride36
Trescothick, MarcusComing Back to Me29
Trollope, AnthonyBarchester Towers42
Troup, GaryBad TwinG4
Tucker, LisaOnce Upon A DayG10
Turner, Mary WhalenThe Thief20
Turow, ScottOrdinary Heros50
Twain, MarkTom Sawyer:Huckleberry Finn9
Tyler, AnneDigging to AmericaG10
Tyler, AnneLadder of Years41
Updike, JohnSeek My Face19
Upson, NicolaSorry For The DeadG10
Van Der Vlugt, SimoneShadow Sister20
VariousHidden From History9
VariousThe Boy's Who Made History13
VariousThe Dads' Book35
VariousThe Past Times Book Of Slang18
VariousWicket WitG10
Varley, Jane ElizabethWives And LoversG12
Verne, JulesAround The World In Eighty DaysG5
Verne, JulesTwenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea42
Villars, ElizabethLipstick on his Collar34
Vincenzi, PennyOld Sins34
Vincenzi, PennyThe Best of Times43
Vincenzi, PennyThe Decision1
Vincenzi, PennyThe Dilemma43
Vincenzi, PennyWindfall43
Vine, BarbaraAsta's Book4
Vine, BarbaraNo Night Is Too Long13
Viner, BrianCream Teas, Traffis James and Sunburn18
Viner, P.D.Summer of Ghosts4
Vivis, AnneDaughters of Strathbannan1
Von Schirach, FerdinandThe Girl Who Wasn't There47
Waite, ElizabethCockney Cottage28
Waite, ElizabethCockney Family29
Waite, ElizabethCockney Waif24
Waite, ElizabethKingston Kate33
Waite, ElizabethSkinny Lizzie and Nippy25
Waite, ElizabethTime Will Tell28
Waite, ElizabethTrouble and Strife24
Walker, Adrian J.The End of the World Running Club42
Walker, FionaLove Hunt18
Walker, FionaSnap Happy11
Wallace, IrvingThe Three Sirens24
Walliams, DavidBillionaire BoyG11
Wallington, MarkThe Uke of Wallington10
Walter, B PThe Dinner GuestG11
Walters, MinetteThe Dark Room10
Wambaugh, JosephThe Glitter Dome48
Ward, AndrewNo Milk Today29
Ware, RuthIn A Dark Dark Wood32
Warne, ShaneMy Autobiography30
Watson, AndyA Thousand Days in Berlin11
Watson, S.J.Before I Go To Sleep20
Watts, AnneAlways the Children31
Waugh, EvelynBrideshead Revisited42
Wayne, JoannaCover Me32
Weaver, PamSing Them Home26
Weaver, TimNever Coming BackG2
Webb, KatherineThe DisappearanceG6
Webb, KatherineThe Night FallingG6
Webber, RichardI'm Free30
Weir, AlisonKatherine Sywnford49
Welfare, SueOff The Record48
Wells , DavidReal People., Real Past Lives18
Wells, H.G.The First Men In The Moon24
Welsh, IrvineTrainspotting19
Weston, MichaelGrace Pensilva26
Which?The Which? Guide to Divorce13
Which?The Which? Guide to Starting Your Own Business13
Which?Weekend Breaks in Europe21
Whitaker, WillThe King's DiamondG12
White, Ethel LinaThe Lady Vanishes22
White, OsmarSilent Reach24
Whitehouse, LucieBefore We Met13
Widdecombe, AnnThe Act of Treachery16
Wilkinson, KerryBehind Closed Doors2
Willett, MarciaThe Prodigal Wife25
William, SamuraiThe Adventurer Who Unlocked Japan43
Williams, DeeForgive and Forget27
Williams, DeeHannah of Hope Street34
Williams, DeeMaggie's Market27
Williams, DeeSorrows and Smiles24
Williams, DeeSorrows and Smiles24
Willsher, AudreyThe Sower Went Forth & The Fruitful VineG5
Wilson T.R.The Straw TowerG5
Wilson, F.PaulThe Touch16
Wilson, RobertInstruments of DarknessG1
Wistrich, Robert S.Hitler and The Holocaust17
Wodehouse P Ggs Have Wings49
Wodehouse P GJeeves & The Yule Tide Spirit49
Wogan, TerryWhere Was I ?29
Wolff, IsabelThe Making of Minty Malone48
Wood, ValEvery Mothers's Son22
Wood, ValRich Girl, Poor Girl23
Woods, JanetA Handfull of Ashes9
Worboyes, SallyDown Stepney Way25
Worboyes, SallyEast End Girl32
Worboyes, SallyLipstick & Powder31
Worboyes, SallyThe Dinner Lady27
Worsell, ElliotMaking Haye11
Worth, JenniferCall the Midwife36
Worth, JenniferFarewell to the East End36
Worth, JenniferShaddows of The Workhouse32
Worth, JenniferShadows of the Workhouse36
Yates, RichardRevolutionary Road44
Yen Mah, AdelineA Thousand Pieces of Gold43
Yurdan, MarilynSchool Songs and Gymslips36
Zadoc, RaclelGem Squash Tokoloshe28

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